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Assumptions: 1. Only uri starting with /hello* will be reverse-proxied to the backend server 2. Other uri will be handled by the web server Preparations: 1. Determine from server.xml what is the file name of the obj.conf file for the virtual server to be configured e.g. instancename-obj.conf instancename-obj.conf ===================== <Object name="default"> # <If $uri =~ '^/hello'> <If not $restarted> NameTrans fn="map" name="reverse-proxy" from="/" to="http:/" </If> <If $restarted> NameTrans fn="map" name="reverse-proxy-alt" from="/" to="http:/" </If> </If> # ... Error fn="send-error" code="404" uri="/error/404.html" Error fn="send-error" code="501" uri="/error/501.html" Error fn="send-error" code="504" uri="/error/504.html" .. </Object> ... <Object ppath="http:*"> Service fn="proxy-retrieve" method="*" </Object> <Object name="reverse-proxy"> Route fn="set-origin-server" server="http://backendserver1:port1" <If $code =~ '^50[0-4].*'> Error fn="restart" uri="$uri" </If> </Object> <Object name="reverse-proxy-alt"> Route fn="set-origin-server" server="http://backendserver2:port2" </Object>