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Q.2003richtextScripting::Examples::Python-Perl-Powershell-Bash-Windows Batch:: Example 001 - How to display script syntax if no arguments were passed to the script.
Q.2004richtextScripting::Examples::Python-Perl-Powershell-Bash-Windows Batch:: Example 002 - Perform simple while loop with a loop iteration counter.
Q.2005richtextScripting::Examples::Python-Perl-Powershell-Bash-Windows Batch:: Example 003 - How to perform for loop with a loop iteration counter.
Q.2006richtextScripting::Examples::Python-Perl-Powershell-Bash-Windows Batch:: Example 004 - Working with date and time.
Q.2007richtextScripting::Examples::Python-Perl-Powershell-Bash-Windows Batch:: Example 005 - Simple IF ELSEIF ELSE block.
Q.2061richtextScripting::Examples::Python-Perl-Powershell-Bash-Windows Batch:: Example 006 - Simple Integer arithmetic and calling a function with parameters.
Q.2065richtextScripting::Examples::Python-Perl-Powershell-Bash-Windows Batch:: Example 007 - Formatting the ouput when printing numbers.
Q.2069richtextScripting::Examples::Python-Perl-Powershell-Bash-Windows Batch:: Example 008 - Working with comparison operators for numeric values.
Q.2071richtextScripting::Examples::Python-Perl-Powershell-Bash-Windows Batch:: Example 009 - Working with arrays/lists.
Q.146plainScripting::Perl: How to automate answer to prompt when using system function.
Q.147plainScripting::Perl:: How to add GD perl extension into activeperl 5.22.
Q.143plainScripting::Perl:: How to add elements to an array.
Q.1706richtextScripting::Perl:: How to capture the output of Operating System (OS) command to a variable.
Q.133plainScripting::Perl:: How to change the output delimiter for arrays.
Q.144plainScripting::Perl:: How to convert a binary value to decimal.
Q.102richtextScripting::Perl:: How to create 2-dimensional hash , example 1.
Q.1465plainScripting::Perl:: How to create a directory if it does not exist.
Q.97richtextScripting::Perl:: How to declare and empty hash.
Q.137plainScripting::Perl:: How to display all elements in a LIST.
Q.101richtextScripting::Perl:: How to initialize array and hash references.
Q.142plainScripting::Perl:: How to list a directory.
Q.139plainScripting::Perl:: How to lock files for exclusive use.
Q.98richtextScripting::Perl:: How to loop through a hash given it's hash reference.
Q.148plainScripting::Perl:: How to obtain the current working directory.
Q.99richtextScripting::Perl:: How to pass a hash to a subroutine.
Q.384richtextScripting::Perl:: How to replace multiple matches of same pattern in a string.
Q.100richtextScripting::Perl:: How to return a hash from a function.
Q.1520richtextScripting::Perl:: How to run external commands.
Q.141plainScripting::Perl:: How to scan a directory and search for files containing a specific string.
Q.149plainScripting::Perl:: How to send mail using Net : : SMTP from ActivePerl distribution.
Q.145plainScripting::Perl:: How to skip lines in data file with specific pattern.
Q.138plainScripting::Perl:: How to strip spaces from the beginning or end of a string.
Q.140plainScripting::Perl:: What are the valid data types and their examples.
Q.1464richtextScripting::Perl:: how to check if a hash is defined in an if block.
Q.154plainScripting::Perl::ADO:: How to assign value to a recordset column.
Q.155plainScripting::Perl::ADO:: How to define a subroutine to extract a database column.
Q.601plainScripting::Perl::ADODB::How to list tables in access database file.
Q.156plainScripting::Perl::ADSI:: How to access an object given its Distinguised Name (DN).
Q.205plainScripting::Perl::ADSI:: How to display the full name aka. account Display Name - for a particular user.
Q.157plainScripting::Perl::ADSI:: How to filter objects in a container.
Q.210plainScripting::Perl::ADSI:: How to get the members of a domain group given the full Distinguished Name (DN) of the group.
Q.208plainScripting::Perl::ADSI:: How to list group objects in particular OU in a particular domain.
Q.209plainScripting::Perl::ADSI:: How to search for groups in a particular OU and display their members.
Q.206plainScripting::Perl::ADSI:: How to use windows server resource kit utility query.vbs with Perl to gather user information.
Q.1652plainScripting::Perl::ActiveSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::Win32::How to install Net::SNMP module on my system.
Q.605plainScripting::Perl::ActiveState::Where to download ppm packages for activestate perl.
Q.749plainScripting::Perl::Hash::Where to find howto doc #1.
Q.571plainScripting::Perl::How to WebResolve COM objects to resolve IP addresses.
Q.394plainScripting::Perl::How to add GD perl extension into activeperl 5.22.
Q.304plainScripting::Perl::How to add elements to an array.
Q.739plainScripting::Perl::How to assign file handles to a variable.
Q.660plainScripting::Perl::How to build usage display and parse options using forward slash /.
Q.2174plainScripting::Perl::How to change output delimiter for arrays.
Q.944plainScripting::Perl::How to code a script to default to print command syntax if incorrect parameter read from command line.
Q.310plainScripting::Perl::How to convert a binary value to decimal.
Q.647plainScripting::Perl::How to convert from binary string to long integer and vice versa.
Q.1012plainScripting::Perl::How to convert from unix time to full date/time string.
Q.623plainScripting::Perl::How to count the number of occurrences of a substring in a string.
Q.675plainScripting::Perl::How to create 2-dimensional hash , example 1.
Q.600plainScripting::Perl::How to declare an empty Hash.