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Q.1525richtextSoftware::Web Browser::Firefox:: How to customize the appearance of your Firefox browser in Linux.
Q.1749richtextSoftware::Web Browser::Firefox:: How to quickly access the firefox settings.
Q.1750richtextSoftware::Web Browser::Chrome:: How to quickly access Chrome config.
Q.1774richtextSoftware::Web Browser::Microsoft Edge:: How to launch microsoft-edge from command prompt or batch file.
Q.1858plainSoftware::Web Browser::Chrome:: How to turn off website notifications on your computer.
Q.1860richtextSoftware::Web Browser::Chrome:: How to hide and unhide the Bookmarks toolbar.
Q.1957richtextSoftware::Web Browser::Chrome:: How to fix Chrome browser crash due to selenium IDE extension crash.
Q.1966richtextSoftware::Web Browser::Firefox:: How to download firefox directly for Linux.
Q.1967richtextSoftware::Web Browser::Firefox:: How to disable spell check.