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Q.1942richtextSoftware::Automation::Ansible::Variables:: The various ways of defining a variable.
Q.1945richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::abrt:: How to clean up files under /var/spool/abrt directory.
Q.1946richtextSoftware::Services::HTTP Server::Apache:: How to list enabled modules.
Q.1947richtextSoftware::Services::HTTP Server::Apache:: What are the conditions for directives placed in .htaccess to work.
Q.1949richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::RHEL::7:: How to resolve error (-F missing operation for auid) when applying audit rules hardening.
Q.1951richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::SSH::OpenSSH:: How to ensure ssh session not disconnected by configurating keep alive messages from the client.
Q.1952richtextSoftware::Services::RDBMS::Mysql:: How to show or set the global variables such as general log.
Q.1953richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::Commands::ps:: How to show the full long username in the output of ps command.
Q.1954richtextSoftware::Tools::Terminal Emulators::MTPUTTY:: Where is the mtputty.xml sessions file stored and how run in portable mode where mtputty.xml is in the same location as the executable.
Q.1955richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::RHEL:: How to remount read-only fileystem as read-write.
Q.1956richtextSoftware::Services::RDBMS::Mysql:: How to get the plain text password from .mylogin.cnf for the user.
Q.1957richtextSoftware::Web Browser::Chrome:: How to fix Chrome browser crash due to selenium IDE extension crash.
Q.1958richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::RHEL::Java:: How to use the alternatives command to switch between OpenJDK and Oracle Hotspot Java.
Q.1959richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Shell::bash:: How use while and read to process data from an input file.
Q.1960richtextSoftware::Services::Virtualization::VMware:: What are the components of their Software Defined Data Center.
Q.1961richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::RHEL:: How to install epel repo on RHEL 7 or Centos 7.
Q.1962richtextSoftware::Services::SSH:: How to enable X forwarding on your SSH session.
Q.1963richtextSoftware::Services::SSH::OpenSSH:: Why is the DISPLAY variable set to localhost:10.0 by default on your SSH session.
Q.1966richtextSoftware::Web Browser::Firefox:: How to download firefox directly for Linux.
Q.1967richtextSoftware::Web Browser::Firefox:: How to disable spell check.
Q.1970richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::elinks:: How to invoke elinks pulldown menu and change the browser options.
Q.1972richtextSoftware::Emulators::Tape Library:: Quadstor VTL:: How to build a Virtual Tape Library using Quadstor VTL on RHEL 7 or Centos 7 machine.
Q.1973richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::tcpdump:: Examples of tcpdump command usage.
Q.1974richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Shell::Bash:: How to recall a command from history without running it.
Q.1976richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::RHEL::7:: Where to download the official Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 documentation in PDF format.
Q.1977richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::curl:: How to force curl to follow the http 301 redirect response.
Q.1978richtextSoftware::Services::HTTP Server::nginx:: Getting started with nginx in linux.
Q.1979richtextSoftware::Middleware::Jboss::EAP:: Getting started with Jboss EAP on RHEL Linux.
Q.1981plainSoftware::Services::VPN::Client:: Openvpn command line windows client syntax.
Q.1982plainSoftware::OS::Windows::Command Line::For:: How to use for loop to rename all files with multiple words separated by a delimiter like dash and inserting additional word in the middle of the name.
Q.1983richtextSoftware::Middleware::Adobe::AEM:: Where to obtain documentation on AEM (formerly Day CQ).
Q.1985richtextSoftware::DevOps:: Overview of some DevOps software tools.
Q.1990richtextSoftware::Services::Mailing List::LISTSERV:: What are some commands for LISTSERV.
Q.1991richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::commands::sudo:: What is the syntax of sudoers polify file and how to troubleshoot sudo.
Q.1992richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::Ubuntu:: How to install virtual box guest additions on Ubuntu 20.04.
Q.1993richtextSoftware::Services::Storage::Veritas:: What is Infoscale and what are components.
Q.1995richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::Ubuntu:: How to install Sublime Text (editor).
Q.1996richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::Ubuntu:: How to add GPG keys for use by apt package manager.
Q.1997richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::Ubuntu:: How to install mysql workbench in Ubuntu.
Q.1998richtextSoftware::Services::RDBMS::MySQL:: How to enable mysql root user login without being OS superuser (sudo).
Q.1999richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::Hardware:: How to obtain the hardware information of your machine.
Q.2010richtextSoftware::Services::Version Control Systems::git:: git cheatsheet.
Q.2011richtextSoftware::Services::Version Control Systems::git:: How to use SSH key authentication with github repo.
Q.2012richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux:: How to boot to memtest86 to perform memory diagnostics on your computer.
Q.2013richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::Package Managers::apt:: How to use apt to manage software packages.
Q.2016richtextSoftware::OS::Windows::Command Line::diskpart:: How to use diskpart to wipe clean a hard disk.
Q.2017richtextSoftware::OS::Windows::Services::Remote Desktop:: What solutions are available to provide RDP access over the web (http).
Q.2018richtextSoftware::OS::Windows::WSL:: How to get started with Windows Subsystem for Linux.
Q.2019richtextSoftware::OS::Windows::Command Line::bcdedit:: What is bcdedit and how to use it.
Q.2021richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::RHEL::HA::pcs:: What is PCS and how to use pcs command to manage RHEL high availability cluster system.
Q.2022richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::RHEL::HA::pcs:: How to build a 2 node cluster running apache web server on virtualbox.
Q.2023richtextSoftware::Services::Virtualization::VirtualBox:: How to install guest additions for Debian.
Q.2024richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::Debian:: How to configure static or dynamic IP on network interfaces.
Q.2025richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::Debian:: How to disable ipv6.
Q.2026richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::Ubuntu:: How to configure static IP address.
Q.2027richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::Ubuntu:: How to disable ipv6.
Q.2028richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::RHEL::6:: How to install python3 from source.
Q.2029richtextSoftware::Automation::Ansible::Configuration:: How to set default configuration in ansible.cfg.
Q.2030richtextSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::RHEL::services::kdump:: What are some possible reasons for kdump service failed due to No memory reserved for crash kernel.
Q.2031richtextSoftware::Automation::Ansible::Modules::debug:: Examples.