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Q.99plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl:: How to pass a hash to a subroutine.
Q.100plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl:: How to return a hash from a subroutine.
Q.101plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl:: How to initialize array and hash references.
Q.102plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl:: How to create 2-dimensional hash , example 1.
Q.133plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl:: How to change the output delimiter for arrays.
Q.137plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl:: How to display all elements in a LIST.
Q.138plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl:: How to strip spaces from the beginning or end of a string.
Q.139plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl:: How to lock files for exclusive use.
Q.140plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl:: What are the valid data types and their examples.
Q.141plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl:: How to scan a directory and search for files containing a specific string.
Q.142plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl:: How to list a directory.
Q.143plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl:: How to add elements to an array.
Q.144plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl:: How to convert a binary value to decimal.
Q.145plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl:: How to skip lines in data file with specific pattern.
Q.146plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl: How to automate answer to prompt when using system function.
Q.147plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl:: How to add GD perl extension into activeperl 5.22.
Q.148plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl:: How to obtain the current working directory.
Q.149plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl:: How to send mail using Net : : SMTP from ActivePerl distribution.
Q.220plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Java:: How to write and execute first java program.
Q.227plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to use chdir.
Q.228plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to display all elements in a HASH.
Q.229plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to display all elements in a LIST.
Q.230plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::What are the valid data types.
Q.231plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to strip spaces from the beginning or end of a string.
Q.238plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to lock files for exclusive use.
Q.252plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to list a directory.
Q.286plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Java:: What is a skeleton of a Java Class (application).
Q.304plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to add elements to an array.
Q.308plainSoftware::Development::Languages::SQL:: ANSI SQL Quick Reference.
Q.309plainSoftware::Development::Languages::SQL::SELECT::Examples:: How to select top X rows from a table.
Q.310plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to convert a binary value to decimal.
Q.311plainSoftware::Development::Languages::SQL::SELECT::Examples:: How to select using field names or table name containing blank spaces.
Q.312plainSoftware::Development::Languages::SQL::ALTER TABLE::Examples:: How to edit a table and add a column.
Q.349plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to skip lines in data file with specific pattern.
Q.358plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Java::Operators:: What are the Java operators.
Q.359plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Java::Examples:: How to replace a string.
Q.360plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Java::Examples:: How to split a string.
Q.361plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Java::Examples:: How to parse the command line arguments.
Q.362plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Java::Examples:: How to connect to MySQL database.
Q.363plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Java::JDBC:: What is the URL syntax for MySQL connector-slash-J driver.
Q.364plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Java::Examples:: How to retrieve a table from MySQL.
Q.365plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Java:: How to create jar files.
Q.366plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Java:: How to use .jar file to execute a project with multiple class files.
Q.367plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Java:: What are the Java keywords.
Q.369plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Java:: How to specify the classpath to .jar files in the command line when compiling or executing.
Q.384richtextSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl:: How to replace multiple matches of same pattern in a string.
Q.394plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to add GD perl extension into activeperl 5.22.
Q.397plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to obtain the current working directory.
Q.398plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to send mail with attachment using Net : : SMTP.
Q.407plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to process the output of an operating system command.
Q.427plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to get system date and time using Perl.
Q.428plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to declare and use functions.
Q.429plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to use system environment variables.
Q.459plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to specify the reference to a variable.
Q.465plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to negate a charater in regular expressions.
Q.488plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to skip processing errors from operating system command.
Q.489plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to remove trailing blanks from a string.
Q.554plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::how to extract a specific substring from a bigger string.
Q.563plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to define a subroutine to find maximum and minimum.
Q.569plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::OLE::How to create new COM object using OLE package.