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Q.817richtextCertification::Sun::Solaris:: Where to find study guides and practice tests.
Q.818richtextCertification::Sun::Solaris::10:: How to reconfigure an x86 based Solaris system to use Xorg or Xsun to manage the system hardware.
Q.820richtextCertification::Sun::Solaris::10:: What happens when a group password is configured in /etc/group.
Q.821richtextCertification::Sun::Solaris::10:: How to enforce a security policy that root logins are allowed only on the console of the system.
Q.822richtextCertification::Sun::Solaris::10:: What command do we use to configure a printer and where is the printer configuration file.
Q.823richtextCertification::Sun::Solaris::10:: How to check what patches are currently installed on the system.
Q.824richtextCertification::Sun::Solaris::10:: Where to find a record or log of the Operating System installation on the system.