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http://www.transcender.com Bottom of the page - thoroughly recommended
http://www.unixed.com More demo Solaris practice exams
http://suned.sun.com Sun's own practice questions - need to register first
http://www.angelfire.com/solaris 500 free questions
http://www.mreriksson.net FAQ's for Solaris 8
http://www.2bcertified.net A few Solaris practice questions (demo's) to try
http://www.selftestsoftware.com Demo Solaris questions for the SA and NA exams
http://www.elitecertify.com Demo questions for the 310-014 and 310-015 Solaris exam
http://www.unixporting.com 10 free Solaris 9 questions
http://www.goexam.com Some free Solaris demo's
http://www.filibeto.org Free Solaris Admin test (change URL at end for part 2)