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1. In your browser enter: http://sunsolve.sun.com 2. Under "Diagnostic Tools", select the link, "Sun Explorer Data Collector" 3. The "Sun Explorer Data Collector" page should be displayed. This page lists change summary for the latest version, FTP instructions, FAQs, installation instructions, a link to a list of commands used in Sun Explorer, and a link to: "View License Agreement and Download". 4. Select "View License Agreement and Download" 5. Review the License Agreement and select "Agree" to proceed with downloading. *_How to install Sun Explorer_* 1. After downloading the SunExplorer.tar.Z file from sunsolve.sun.com: > cp SunExplorer.tar.Z /var/tmp > cd /var/tmp > uncompress SunExplorer.tar.Z > tar xvf SunExplorer.tar / /or, if you have gzip installed, > zcat SunExplorer.tar.Z | tar xvf - This will extract the contents of the archive into two directory called SUNWexplo and SUNWexplu located in the current directory. 2. As superuser, # pkgadd -d . SUNWexplo SUNWexplu *How to run Sun Explorer manually* 1. As superuser, # /opt/SUNWexplo/bin/explorer This will create output in /opt/SUNWexplo/output/ - the compressed tar file in this directory should be sent to Sun. Please take note of the filename *How to Use FTP to Submit Sun Explorer Files* 1. Open a terminal window and type the following: ftp supportfiles.sun.com 2. Type the following user name and password to log in: Username: anonymous Password: /your_email_address/ 3. Type the following at the ftp prompt: ftp> cd /explorer ftp> bin ftp> hash ftp> put <explorer./filename/> *Note:* <explorer./filename/> is the name of the file to upload. Use explorer as the file name prefix. For example, explorer.80a711xy.abcdf-2002. 4. Inform the case owner that the upload has been completed and let him/her know what the filename is *_ Optional:_* For customers with older version of Sun Explorer, please include the following instruction to upgrade it: _ *How to Upgrade Sun Explorer*_ Upgrading an existing Sun Explorer installation to a newer release consists of three steps, removing any existing SUNWexplo and SUNWesply package, downloading the latest version of Sun Explorer, and installing the new package. This section describes the procedure for upgrading an existing Sun Explorer installation. 1. Become superuser. 2. Remove the current SUNWexplo package and SUNWexplu package (if one exists). # pkgrm SUNWexplo # pkgrm SUNWexplu Removing the existing SUNWexplo and SUNWexplu package deletes ALL Sun Explorer components, except the Sun Explorer defaults file and the most recent Sun Explorer output directory. The most recent Sun Explorer output directory is located at: <explorer_install_dir>/output/ The defaults file is stored in these locations: * Sun Explorer 3.6.2 and earlier versions: <explorer_install_dir>/etc/default/explorer * At least Sun Explorer 4.0: /etc/opt/SUNWexplo/default/explorer The defaults file is preserved to be used as input during the upgrade process from Sun Explorer 3.6.2 to at least Sun Explorer 4.0. The defaults file is relocated to /etc/opt/SUNWexplo/default /explorer. The contents of the defaults file are displayed as the default responses during the identification phase of the upgrade.