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1. On server, ensure portmap, mountd, rpc.nfsd are running by # ps aux 2. On server, edit /etc/exportfs, type dir to be allowed access to, and host to be allowed access together with access right eg. on server SERVER2 '/' dir, to allow access by SERVER3 # /etc/exportfs / SERVER3(rw) 3. On server, force nfsd to re-read /etc/exportfs by running 'exportfs' script # /usr/sbin/exportfs 4. On client, mount the nfs file system on desired mountpoint eg. # mount -rsize=1024,wsize=1024 SERVER2:/ /mnt/server2 5. On client, unmount by cd to directory other than the mountpoint, and then running umount eg. # umount /mnt/server2