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Blat v1.8.5f: WinNT/95 console utility to mail a file via SMTP by P.Mendes, M.Neal, G.Vollant, T. Charron syntax: Blat <filename> -to <recipient> [optional switches (see below)] Blat -install <server addr> <sender's addr> [<try>[<port>[<profile>]]] [-q] Blat -profile [-delete | "<default>"] [profile1] [profileN] [-q] Blat -h [-q] -install <server addr> <sender's addr> [<try n times> [<port> [<profile>]]] : set's SMTP server, sender, number of tries and port for profile (<try n times> and <port> may be replaced by '-'). <filename> : file with the message body ('-' for console input, end with ^Z) -to <recipient> : recipient list (also -t) (comma separated) -tf <recipient> : recipient list filename -subject <subj>: subject line (also -s) -f <sender> : overrides the default sender address (must be known to server) -i <addr> : a 'From:' address, not necessarily known to the SMTP server. -cc <recipient>: carbon copy recipient list (also -c) (comma separated) -cf <file> : cc recipient list filename -bcc <recipient>: blind carbon copy recipient list (also -bcc) (comma separated) -bf <file> : bcc recipient list filename -organization <organization>: Organization field (also -o and -org) -body <text> : Message body -x <X-Header: detail>: Custom 'X-' header. eg: -x "X-INFO: Blat is Great!" -r : Request return receipt. -d : Request disposition notification. -h : displays this help. -q : supresses *all* output. -debug : Echoes server communications to screen (disables '-q'). -noh : prevent X-Mailer header from showing homepage of blat -noh2 : prevent X-Mailer header entirely -p <profile> : send with SMTP server, user and port defined in <profile>. -server <addr> : Specify SMTP server to be used. (optionally, addr:port) -port <port> : port to be used on the server, defaults to SMTP (25) -hostname <hst>: select the hostname used to send the message -mime : MIME Quoted-Printable Content-Transfer-Encoding. -enriched : Send an enriched text message (Content-Type=text/enriched) -html : Send an HTML message (Content-Type=text/html) -uuencode : Send (binary) file UUEncoded -base64 : Send (binary) file using base64 (binary Mime) -try <n times> : how many time blat should try to send. from '1' to 'INFINITE' -attach <file> : attach binary file to message (may be repeated) -attacht <file>: attach text file to message (may be repeated) -ti <n> : Set timeout to 'n' seconds. -u <username> : Username for AUTH LOGIN (use with -pw) -pw <password> : Password for AUTH LOGIN (use with -u) Note that if the '-i' option is used, <sender> is included in 'Reply-to:' and 'Sender:' fields in the header of the message. Optionally, the following options can be used instead of the -f and -i options: -mailfrom <addr> The RFC 821 MAIL From: statement -from <addr> The RFC 822 From: statement -replyto <addr> The RFC 822 Reply-To: statement -returnpath <addr> The RFC 822 Return-Path: statement -sender <addr> The RFC 822 Sender: statement