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1. Create your virtual workstation to use your built-in PCI NIC 2. shutdown the virtual workstation and copy the .vmx configuration file to pcmcia.vmx eg. copy c:\vm\win98.vmx c:\vm\pcmcia.vmx 2. run vnetconfig to create another vmnet device eg. vmnet2 c:\program files\vmware\programs\vnetconfig -s -ib vmnet2 3. Restart the host machine to allow vmnet2 device to start up properly. 4. run the virtual machine using pcmcia.vmx, keep the machine powered off 5. Run the configuration editor and change Ethernet1 adapter to Custom and then select vmnet2 6. save the config Notes ===== 1. This was tested on VMware 2.0.3 for Windows. 2. Need to be reviewed whether applicable to newer VMware versions