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What are the java keywords abstract boolean break breaks from a switch, do, for or while loop byte one of the 8 data types i.e. 8 bit variable case see "switch" char one of the 8 data types, used to declare character variables class starts the definition of a class continue bypasses remaining portion of code in a loop and forces the conditional test to be performed. default see "switch" do do loop EG. --- do { statement-block } while condition; double one of the 8 data types. double precision floating point value else see "if" extends to specify the superclass of a class false one of two possible boolean values final applied to classes to designate it as final and cannot be subclassed. A method designated as final cannot be overridden finally see try float one of the 8 data types. For single precision floating point variables for for loop EG. for (initialization;condition;increments { statement-block }