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1. Change the terminal emulation mode from VT100 to linux : Setup -> TCP/IP -> Term Type = linux 2. Change the Keyboard mapping by saving the following into KEYBOARD.CNF, or alternatively save the following keyboard mapping to LINUX.CNF and then change Setup -> Keyboard Map and point to LINUX.CNF ; Sample of KEYBOARD.CNF for the IBM-PC/AT 101-key keyboard. ; See KEYCODE.TXT for the description of the format. ; [VT editor keypad] ;Up arrow key Up=328 ;Down arrow key Down=336 ;Right arrow key Right=333 ;Left arrow key Left=331 ;Insert key ;Find=338 ;Home key ;Insert=327 ;PageUp key ;Remove=329 ;Delete key ;Select=339 ;End key ;Prev=335 ;PageDown key ;Next=337 [VT numeric keypad] ;Num pad 0 key Num0=82 ;Num pad 1 key Num1=79 ;Num pad 2 key Num2=80 ;Num pad 3 key Num3=81 ;Num pad 4 key Num4=75 ;Num pad 5 key Num5=76 ;Num pad 6 key Num6=77 ;Num pad 7 key Num7=71 ;Num pad 8 key Num8=72 ;Num pad 9 key Num9=73 ;Cntrl Num pad ' ' key NumMinus=1102 ;Num pad ' ' key NumComma=78 ;Num pad '.' key NumPeriod=83 ;Num pad Enter key NumEnter=284 ;Num pad NumLock key PF1=325 ;Num pad '/' key PF2=309 ;Num pad '*' key PF3=55 ;Num pad '-' key PF4=74 [VT function keys] Hold=off Print=off Break=off ;F6 key ;F6=64 ;F7 key ;F7=65 ;F8 key ;F8=66 ;F9 key ;F9=67 ;F10 key ;F10=68 ;F11 key F11=87 ;F12 key F12=88 ;Shift F3 key F13=573 ;Shift F4 key F14=574 ;Shift F5 key Help=575 ;Shift F6 key Do=576 ;Shift F7 key F17=577 ;Shift F8 key F18=578 ;Shift F9 key F19=579 ;Shift F10 key F20=580 ;Ctrl F6 key UDK6=1088 ;Ctrl F7 key UDK7=1089 ;Ctrl F8 key UDK8=1090 ;Ctrl F9 key UDK9=1091 ;Ctrl F10 key UDK10=1092 ;Ctrl F11 key UDK11=1111 ;Ctrl F12 key UDK12=1112 ;Ctrl Shift F3 key UDK13=1597 ;Ctrl Shift F4 key UDK14=1598 ;Ctrl Shift F5 key UDK15=1599 ;Ctrl Shift F6 key UDK16=1600 ;Ctrl Shift F7 key UDK17=1601 ;Ctrl Shift F8 key UDK18=1602 ;Ctrl Shift F9 key UDK19=1603 ;Ctrl Shift F10 key UDK20=1604 [X function keys] ; F1 key ; XF1=59 ; F2 key ; XF2=60 ; F3 key ; XF3=61 ; F4 key ; XF4=62 ; F5 key ; XF5=63 [Shortcut keys] ; Ctrl Insert EditCopy=1362 ; Shift Insert EditPaste=850 EditPasteCR=off EditCLS=off EditCLB=off ControlOpenTEK=off ControlCloseTEK=off ; Ctrl up-arrow LineUp=1352 ; Ctrl down-arrow LineDown=1360 ; Ctrl PageUp PageUp=1353 ; Ctrl PageDown PageDown=1361 ; Ctrl Home BuffTop=1351 ; Ctrl End BuffBottom=1359 ; Ctrl Tab NextWin=1039 ; Ctrl Shift Tab PrevWin=1551 LocalEcho=off ;Example of user key definitions. [User keys] ; Ctrl F1 key: character string User1=59,0,B1 User2=60,0,B2 User3=61,0,B3 User4=62,0,B4 User5=63,0,B5 User6=64,0,B6 User7=65,0,B7 User8=66,0,B8 User9=67,0,B9 User10=68,0,B0 ;PAGE UP User11=329,0,BBE ;PAGE DOWN User12=337,0,BBE ;HOME User13=327,0,BBEr ;END User14=335,0,BBE ;INS User15=338,0,BBE ;DEL User16=339,0,BBE [User keys]