Software >> OS >> Windows >> How to program an event trigger to execute some program or script upon when a particular event id is logged in event viewer

use eventtrigger command. Syntax :- ========= EVENTTRIGGERS /parameter [arguments] Description: This command-line tool enables an administrator to display and configure "Event Triggers" on local or remote system. Parameter List: /Create Create a new Event Trigger that will monitor and act upon the occurrence of NT Log Events of given criteria. /Delete Deletes an Event Trigger by its trigger ID. /Query Displays the Event Trigger properties and settings. /? Displays this help/usage. Examples: EVENTTRIGGERS /Create /? EVENTTRIGGERS /Delete /? EVENTTRIGGERS /Query /? Examples ======== (1) list all configured event triggers on the system > eventtrigger sample output :- Trigger ID Event Trigger Name Task ========== ========================== ============================================== 1 Disk Cleanup c:\windows\system32\cleanmgr.exe