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dsa.msc Active Directory Users and Computers admgmt.msc Active Directory Management, a superset of dsa.msc azman.msc Authorization Manager certmgr.msc Certificates snap in ciadv.msc Indexing Service compmgmt.msc Computer Management devmgmt.msc Device eventvwr.msc Event log viewer fsmgmt.msc Shared Folders snap in gpedit.msc Group Policy snap in ipaddrmgmt.msc IP Address Management snap in lusrmgr.msc Local Users and Groups snap in ntmsmgr.msc Removable Storage snap in ntmsoprq.msc Removable Storage Operator Requests perfmon.msc Performance Monitor pkiview.msc Enterprise PKI snap in pkmgmt.msc Public Key Management rsadmin.msc Remote Storage rsop.msc Resultant Set Of Policy snap in schmmgmt.msc Active Directory Schema secpol.msc Local Security Policy services.msc Services snap in tapi.msc Telephony tsmmc.msc Remote Desktops tsadmin.exe Terminal Services Manager uddi.msc UDDI Services console winsmgmt.msc WINS admin wmimgmt.msc WMI Control