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Name Number(h) Type Usage <computername> 00 U Workstation Service <computername> 01 U Messenger Service <\--__MSBROWSE__> 01 G Master Browser <computername> 03 U Messenger Service <computername> 06 U RAS Server Service <computername> 1F U NetDDE Service <computername> 20 U File Server Service <computername> 21 U RAS Client Service <computername> 22 U Microsoft Exchange Interchange(MSMail Connector) <computername> 23 U Microsoft Exchange Store <computername> 24 U Microsoft Exchange Directory <computername> 30 U Modem Sharing Server Service <computername> 31 U Modem Sharing Client Service <computername> 43 U SMS Clients Remote Control <computername> 44 U SMS Administrators Remote Control Tool <computername> 45 U SMS Clients Remote Chat <computername> 46 U SMS Clients Remote Transfer <computername> 4C U DEC Pathworks TCPIP service on Windows NT <computername> 42 U mccaffee anti-virus <computername> 52 U DEC Pathworks TCPIP service on Windows NT <computername> 87 U Microsoft Exchange MTA <computername> 6A U Microsoft Exchange IMC <computername> BE U Network Monitor Agent <computername> BF U Network Monitor Application <username> 03 U Messenger Service <domain> 00 G Domain Name <domain> 1B U Domain Master Browser <domain> 1C G Domain Controllers <domain> 1D U Master Browser <domain> 1E G Browser Service Elections <INet~Services> 1C G IIS <IS~computer name> 00 U IIS <computername> [2B] U Lotus Notes Server Service IRISMULTICAST [2F] G Lotus Notes IRISNAMESERVER [33] G Lotus Notes Forte_$ND800ZA [20] U DCA IrmaLan Gateway Server Service