Hardware >> peripherals >> CD-ROM >> How to make a bootable CDROM from a bootable floppy

1. Prepare the bootable Floppy eg. a windows 98 boot floppy that is equipped with CDROM driver. That floppy should include only files that are required in the floppy emulation part. Others that are run from the CD part can be excluded 2. put those files that are in the CD part into a test CD. 3. test the combination of boot floppy and test CD, by booting from that floppy and confirm that everything runs as expected. 4. Run WinISO 5.3, convert the boot floppy to a WinISO boot floppy image file by Bootable CD -> Make boot file from floppy. Save it somewhere 5. Create your new CD ISO eg. File -> New 6. Copy whatever files you want to put in the CD ROM part into the ISO compilation 7. Make it bootable by adding the bootable floppy image file created in step 2. 8. Save the ISO 9. Cut the CD from the ISO file