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application root: /usr/appserver

How to check version

# /usr/appserver/bin/asadmin version

How to create domain test1 with domain dir in /app/SUNWappserver/domains/test1

if /app/SUNWappserver/domains do not exist, create it first

# mkdir -p /app/SUNWappserver/domains

# asadmin create-domain --domaindir /app/SUNWappserver/domains --adminport 4801 --adminuser admin --instanceport 4701 test1

How to delete domain test1

# asadmin delete-deomain --domaindir /app/SUNWappserver/domains test1

How to start domain test1

# asadmin start-domain --domaindir /app/SUNWappserver/domains test1

Simple start script

asadmin start-domain --domaindir /app/SUNWappserver/domains --user admin --passwordfile password.txt test1


Simple stop script

asadmin stop-domain --domaindir /app/SUNWappserver/domains test1