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Example - for JDK

Install formats - JDK 5.0 is available in two installation formats.

  • Self-extracting Binary File - This file can be used to install the JDK in a location chosen by the user. This file can be installed by anyone (not only root users), and it can be installed in any location. It will not displace the system version of the Java platform suppled by the Solaris Operating System (unless you intentially install it in the same location as the system's Java platform, which requires you to be root user). If you are using this file, see Installation of Self-Extracting Binary below.


  • Solaris Packages - A .tar.Z file containing Solaris SUNW* packages to be installed with the pkgadd utility. The SUNW packages require root access to install, and they install by default in a location such that they replace the system version of the Java platform supplied by the Solaris operating system. If you are using this bundle, see Installation of Solaris Packages below.