Software >> OS >> Unix >> Solaris >> 11 >> Installation >> How to perform automated Solaris 11 install for more than 1 client using MAC address criteria

create the AI sevice

installadm create-service -n basic_ai -s path-to-ai-iso -i DHCP_base_ip_addr -c DHCP_ip_addr_range d path-to-ai_target

ai manifest e.g. /var/tmp/manifests/basic_ai.xml

- may be copied from default.xml and then modified
- ensure ai service name is amended and set correctly
- ensure IPS publisher & origin are set correctly

criteria file e.g. /var/tmp/manifests/criteria_ai.xml

   <ai_criteria name="mac">
          x:x:x:x:x:x     (start of MAC range)
          x:x:x:x:x:x     (end of MAC range)

add the clients' mac addr

installadm create-client -e x:x:x:x:x:x -n basic_ai
installadm create-client -e y:y:y:y:y:y -n basic_ai

add ai manifest and criteria manifest to the ai service

installadm create-manifest -n basic_ai \
-f /var/tmp/manifests/basic_ai.xml        \
-C /var/tmp/manifests/criteria_ai.xml