Software >> Middleware >> Oracle Glassfish Server >> 3.1 >> How to install Oracle Glassfish Server v3.1

Two methods

  • ZIP Package

    • Is simpler to install, but provides no configuration options during the installation

    • Any additional configurations must be performed manually, after installation

    • Includes Update Tool and pkg utility installer stubs, which can be used to install those utilities after GlassFish Server installation

    • If uninstallation is desired, product must be uninstalled manually

    • Product downloads are roughly 25%-30% larger than the analogous self-extracting bundles

  • Self-Extracting Bundle

    • Provides a GUI-based installation wizard with many configuration options

    • The installation wizard can be used again after the initial installation to perform additional configuration tasks

    • Can be used to perform Silent Mode installation, which is useful for performing consistent script-based installations on multiple server machines

    • Provides the option to install the full Update Tool and pkg utility at installation time

    • If uninstallation is required, a GUI-based uninstaller is provided

Installation using Self-Extracting Bundle

place the install bundle script in a temporary folder e.g. /var/tmp/ogs3.1

# cd /var/tmp/ogs3.1

# chmod 755

# ./