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To Create aDirectory Server Instance Fromthe CommandLine
Non-root users can create server instances.
Refer to the following procedure to create a Directory Server instance using the command line:
Create a new Directory Server instance.

$ dsadm create -p 1389 -P 1636 /local/dsInst

Choose the Directory Manager password:secret12
Confirm the Directory Manager password:secret12
Use ’dsadm start /local/dsInst’ to start the instance
The dsInst instance is created under the existing directory, /local/ and secret12 is assigned
as the DirectoryManager password.
Start the instance.

$ dsadm start /local/dsInst

Server started: pid=2845
(Optional) Prepare an example suffix.
a. Create an empty suffix.

$ dsconf create-suffix -p 1389 -e dc=example,dc=com

Enter "cn=Directory Manager" password:secret12
A suffix with root dc=example,dc=com is created.
b. Populate the suffix with LDIF data.

$ dsconf import -p 1389 -e install-path/resources/ldif/Example.ldif dc=example,dc=com

Enter "cn=Directory Manager" password:
New data will override existing data of the suffix "dc=example,dc=com".
Initialization will have to be performed on replicated suffixes.
## Closing files...
## Import complete. Processed 160 entries in 4 seconds. (40.00 entries/sec)
Task completed (slapd exit code: 0).
The suffix is populated with sample data from Example.ldif.
c. Search for data in the new instance.

$ ldapsearch -p 1389 -b dc=example,dc=com "(uid=bjensen)" mail

version: 1
dn: uid=bjensen, ou=People, dc=example,dc=com