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Assuming that

MW_HOME = /app/appserver

WL_HOME = /app/appserver/wlserver_10.3


-bash-3.2$ pwd

-bash-3.2$ ./ -view -prod_dir=/app/appserver/wlserver_10.3 -status=downloaded -verbose
ProductName:       WebLogic Server
ProductVersion:    10.3 MP6
Components:        WebLogic Server/Core Application Server,WebLogic Server/Admi
                   nistration Console,WebLogic Server/Configuration Wizard and
                   Upgrade Framework,WebLogic Server/Web 2.0 HTTP Pub-Sub Serve
                   r,WebLogic Server/WebLogic SCA,WebLogic Server/WebLogic JDBC
                    Drivers,WebLogic Server/Third Party JDBC Drivers,WebLogic S
                   erver/WebLogic Server Clients,WebLogic Server/WebLogic Web S
                   erver Plugins,WebLogic Server/UDDI and Xquery Support,WebLog
                   ic Server/Workshop Code Completion Support
BEAHome:           /app/appserver
ProductHome:       /app/appserver/wlserver_10.3
PatchSystemDir:    /app/appserver/utils/bsu
PatchDir:          /app/appserver/patch_wls1036
Profile:           Default
DownloadDir:       /app/appserver/utils/bsu/cache_dir
JavaVersion:       1.6.0_29
JavaVendor:        Sun