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[Storage Exec Command Line Utility] Command Syntax: SEBlock [\server] /LIST SEBlock [\server] /SHOW SEBlock [\server] /A /O "object" /P "policy" SEBlock [\server] /DA[Y] SEBlock [\server] /D[Y] /O "object" SEBlock [\server] /S /SHOW Show all objects /LIST List all file blocking policies /A Add /D[A][Y] Delete[ALL][No Confirmation] /P Policy Name /O Object Name /S Notify driver to scan objects Examples: SEBlock /a /o C:\Users /p "Monitor Office Files" - Adds the object c:\Users from the "Monitor Office Files" policy SEBlock \NTDEV /d /o C:\test - Deletes the object c:\test on machine \NTDEV When using this command against a Network Appliance Filer, specify the Filer name before the first option and specify the path to the folder (in the format volume01\folder) using the /O option. For example: SEBlock \scnetapp /a /o vol0\test\test0 /p "Stop graphic files" This command creates a file blocking managed resource on folder vol0\test\test0 on a Network Appliance Filer named "scnetapp" in Storage Exec using the "Stop graphic files" managed resource policy.