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Install a Solaris agent

Solaris requires the following libraries to be installed to support Deep Security Agent:

  • Solaris 10: SUNWgccruntime
  • Solaris 11: gcc-45-runtime
  1. Go to Administration > Updates > Software > Download Center.
  2. Import the agent package into Deep Security Manager.
  3. Export the installer file to the computer.
  4. Unzip the installer package.

    gunzip <installer package>

  5. Install the agent. Method varies by version and zones. File name varies by SPARC vs. x86.

    Solaris 11, one zone (adds to global zone):

    • x86: pkg install -g file:///mnt/Agent-Solaris_5.11-9.x.x-xxxx.x86_64/Agent-Core-Solaris_5.11-9.x.x-xxxx.x86_64.p5p pkg:/security/ds-agent
    • SPARC: pkg install -g file:///mnt/Agent-Solaris_5.11-9.x.x-xxxx.x86_64/Agent-Solaris_5.11-9.x.x-xxxx.sparc.p5p pkg:/security/ds-agent

    Solaris 11, multiple zones (adds to current zone):

    pkgrepo create <path>

    pkgrecv -s file://<dsa core p5p file location> -d <path> '*'

    pkg set-publisher -g <path> trendmicro

    pkg install pkg://trendmicro/security/ds-agent

    Solaris 10:

    • x86: pkgadd -G -d Agent-Core-Solaris_5.10_U7-9.x.x-xxxx.x86_64.pkg
    • SPARC: pkgadd -G -d Agent-Solaris_5.10_U7-9.x.x-xxxx.sparc.pkg

To start, stop, or reset the agent:

  • Start: svcadm enable ds_agent
  • Stop: svcadm disable ds_agent
  • Reset: /opt/ds_agent/dsa_control -r
  • Restart: svcadm restart ds_agent
  • Display status: svcs –a | grep ds_agent

To uninstall the agent on Solaris 11:

pkg uninstall pkg:/security/ds-agent

To uninstall the agent on Solaris 10:

pkgrm -v ds-agent