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Q.555plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux:: How to use lsof to check process owning a TCP/UDP port.
Q.556plainSoftware::OS::Unix:: How to determine run level of current interactive user.
Q.557plainSoftware::OS::Unix:: How to set the terminal column width to 132.
Q.558plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Utilities::scp:: How to use scp to copy files.
Q.559plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Solaris:: How to install Midnight Commander.
Q.560plainSoftware::OS::Unix::Linux::RHEL:: How to list all rpm files installed.
Q.561plainSoftware::OS::Unix:: How to display a log file continuously using tail.
Q.563plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to define a subroutine to find maximum and minimum.
Q.565plainSoftware::Applications::IDE::Visual Studio .Net:: What are the languages supported in Visual Studio .Net.
Q.566plainSoftware::Applications::Tools::MRTG:: How to apply global setting in a config file.
Q.567plainSoftware::Applications::Tools::MRTG:: How to control the number of ticks on vertical axis and their scale.
Q.568plainSoftware::Services::RDBMS::MySQL:: How to define Connection string for MYOLEDB for MySQL.
Q.569plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::OLE::How to create new COM object using OLE package.
Q.570plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to use Wscript objects.
Q.571plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to WebResolve COM objects to resolve IP addresses.
Q.572plainSoftware::OS::Windows::Command Line:: How to create a variable from date and time commands.
Q.573plainSoftware::Applications::Terminal Emulators::Powerterm:: How to automate tasks requiring telnet login.
Q.574plainSoftware::Applications::Terminal Emulators::Powerterm:: How to configure window title from script .psl file.
Q.576plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to sort a hash by its values.
Q.577plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to use the sort function.
Q.578plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to replace a random string delimited by a start and end pattern.
Q.579plainSoftware::Applications::Backup::Veritas::Backup Exec:: How to prevent Backup Exec failure due to corrupt files.
Q.580plainSoftware::OS::Windows::Command Line:: How to synchronize folders and files using xcopy.
Q.581plainSoftware::Applications::Backup::Veritas::Backup Exec:: How to ensure successful remote installation of Remote Agent.
Q.582plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::regular expression syntax , part 1.
Q.583plainSoftware::Applications::Backup::Veritas::Backup Exec:: How to change the primary SAN SSO server and reconfig other media servers to attach to the new primary server.
Q.584plainSoftware::Applications::Backup::Veritas::Backup Exec:: How to determine which is the central ADAMM server.
Q.585plainSoftware::Applications::Backup::Veritas::Backup Exec:: How to overcome remote agent cannot work when on different subnets.
Q.600plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to declare an empty Hash.
Q.601plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::ADODB::How to list tables in access database file.
Q.605plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::ActiveState::Where to download ppm packages for activestate perl.
Q.607plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to loop thru a hash given its hash reference.
Q.623plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to count the number of occurrences of a substring in a string.
Q.626plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to use session cookies to login to website.
Q.627plainSoftware::OS::Windows::Command Line:: How to build usage display into batch files.
Q.630plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to extract specific table , row, col from html tables.
Q.632plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to download specific table, row, column of a table from a website.
Q.634plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::RegExp::How to add URL base to a relative URL in HTML anchor tag.
Q.636plainSoftware::OS::Windows::Command Line:: How to assign current week day to env var.
Q.638plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to pass a hash to a subroutine.
Q.639plainSoftware::OS::Windows::Command Line:: What is the difference in for syntax in command line and batch files.
Q.642plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to pass array reference to a subroutine.
Q.643plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to use regular expressions to match IP address in a string.
Q.647plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to convert from binary string to long integer and vice versa.
Q.649plainSoftware::OS::Windows::Command Line:: How to use subinacl to show/set printer permissions.
Q.650plainSoftware::OS::Windows::Command Line:: How to use subinacl to deny printing.
Q.651plainSoftware::OS::Windows::Command Line:: How to use subinacl to revoke printer permission.
Q.655plainSoftware::OS::Windows::Management Consoles:: How to start the Local Group Policy Management Console.
Q.656plainSoftware::OS::Windows::devices::serial port:: How to enable/disable COM port when WinCE svcs use it.
Q.657plainSoftware::OS::Windows::Command Line:: What is the syntax regedit.
Q.658plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::RegExp::How to extract an array of matches from multiple line string.
Q.659richtextSoftware::OS::Windows::Command Line:: How to export registry data from a regpath.
Q.660plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to build usage display and parse options using forward slash /.
Q.661plainSoftware::OS::Windows::Command Line:: How to escape reserved characters in DOS commands.
Q.662plainSoftware::OS::Windows:: How to add a "tick" character into a windows document.
Q.663plainSoftware::OS::Windows::Registry:: What are the registry keys that cause prog to run automatically.
Q.664plainSoftware::OS::Windows::Registry:: How to enable/disable lock computer from registry.
Q.665plainSoftware::OS::Windows::Command Line::subinacl:: How to set share permission using subinacl.
Q.666plainSoftware::OS::Windows::Printing:: How to change the default printer spool directory.
Q.667plainSoftware::Development::Languages::Perl::How to program and parse commandline options using forward-slash.